Tonight: Katie Herzig brings her sweet sounds to Stubb’s

Katie Herzig – Free My Mind from Katie Herzig on Vimeo.

Katie Herzig seems to answer the question, “What would happen if we combined the quirkiness of Regina Spektor, the pop sensibilities of Robyn and Kylie Minogue and the gentleness of Gotye?” Before I got through the entirety of “Free My Mind,” I was already singing the chorus to myself. Herzig’s voice is sweetly earnest, but without being so airy or bubbly as to evaporate — it sticks with you and hits all the right chords. Her music itself is a really cool collaboration of both indie and popular styles, giving it an undeniably universal appeal.

On top of her endearing, catchy and fun music, Herzig’s music videos are memorable pieces of art in their own right. They’re flights of fancy that often employ stop motion, bright colors and striking imagery. It will be interesting to see what Herzig’s stage persona is like, since she fills video space so fully.

Although Herzig has written songs for television and movies, The Waking Sleep was a return to writing music for herself. Knowing that, you’d have to guess that Katie is a creative, upbeat, wonderful person to know.

Katie Herzig performs tonight at Stubb’s Jr. with Rebecca Butler & the Richards. Tickets are $10, doors are at 8PM, and concert starts at 8:30PM.

A Very LCD Valentine

As couple”s songs go, I have to admit I feel like mine and my boyfriend Zack”s is at the very top of the heap. We bonded over LCD Soundsystem”s “I Can Change” the day we met, and it”s always been ours, ever since. I wrote him a bit of an free data recovery software Rescue PC can save your data from receding into oblivion. opus over at our shared blog, Rock Love Austin, and for Valentine”s Day, I also had some of our favorite local musicians cover our song for us. Here they are, in all of their fantastic, tear-jerking glory. Thanks for showing us the love, Austin!

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We had another amazing time at Frank on Friday, with four of our favorite local bands. From start to finish, the sound was tight and we were rightly rocked despite the stormy weather.

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