New Austin band Nori at Blackbery Concert Hall, 5/31/12

My fandom of once-Austinites Brazos is near-obsessive, so it should come as no surprise that I am highly anticipating ex-Brazos drummer Andrew Beaudoin’s new outfit Nori. They’re a brand-new band with no recorded music as of yet, but one live performance already under their belt. They are billed as being “one part jazz, one part folk, one part world,” and knowing how wild, emotional and instrumental Andy’s drumming in Brazos was, I can only imagine this show will be delightful. Nori will perform at Blackbery Concert Hall tomorrow, May 31 at 7PM. Admission is $5, and this includes free wine to sweeten the deal. Get in on the ground floor, and let Nori broaden your musical horizons.

Free Press Summer Fest: Who to see!

Houston’s Free Press Summer Fest is this weekend, and as usual, they have gathered an impressive and eclectic lineup to perform in the Texas heat at Eleanor Tinsley Park. There is so much packed into two days, it can be overwhelming. Never fear! We are here to give your our recommendations for who to see this weekend. So read on to get a short blurb about the artists we think are worth your time, as well as a song that will give you an idea of the artist’s sound.


Plants & Animals, Friday May 25

This Friday, Plants & Animals make a stop at Lambert’s on their national tour supporting The End of That. I was very sad to miss these guys at South by Southwest, because “Lightshow” (above) is the kind of powerful, catchy tune that will be a glorious, fist-pumping sing-along when it’s performed live. Their entire album features jangly rock jams that a fan of Spoon could easily get behind. Doors are at 10pm Friday, and tickets are only $12 ($10 if you buy in advance).

Vote for Austinites in the Red Bull Soundstage Movie Challenge

Austin music aficionado and namesake/curator for “From the Mind of Adi” Adi Anand gave us a head’s up about a contest running right now that features some incredible Austin musicians. Over at the Red Bull Soundstage site, they’re running a movie challenge in which artists voted on by fans will have their music featured in four scenes of an upcoming David Letterman-produced movie! It’d be incredible exposure for these artists, and it gives you, the fan, power over what music you hear in a particular scene. Pretty cool, right? One Hundred Flowers, East Cameron Folkcore and Wiretree are the Austin bands in the running, and they need your votes! Click here to make your vote be heard.

M83 are magical at Stubb’s, 5/18/2012

Do you believe in magic? No, not the rabbit-out-of-a-hat, “Is that your card?” Barney Stinson-esque magic. And no, not the Mindfreak! magic, or the kind where you freeze yourself for 63 hours. I’m talking about the kind of magic that is childlike — the kind where you imagine yourself into your dreams and, for a while, they are real. The kind where time stops and your skin tingles and your heart is freed and you know you will not forget this perfect moment. On Friday, at Stubb’s BBQ, M83 made us all believers.


Dive Austin Dive: A Benefit for Austin Pets Alive!

Hopefully by now you have seen our Austin Pets Alive! event posted up on our Twitter and Facebook, but if you for some reason do not do the social media thing, we’re here to tell you that we’re hosting a benefit on Saturday, May 12 at Swan Dive. Our killer lineup includes the soothing psych-rock of Kinky Machine, our pop-rock buddies in Little Radar, the howling, growling goodness of the White White Lights, and our newfound stripped-rock loves, the Couch.

Plus, while you’re rocking out for a good cause, if you’re one of the first 100 people in the door you’ll be drinking a complimentary beverage courtesy of Tito’s Vodka! My boyfriend Zack and I adopted our beloved Scooby (below) from APA! so we hope you’ll come out and play with us. After all, it’s Austin Writes Music presenting Austin bands for Austin Pets Alive! on Austin Day (5/12) — let’s keep it weird.

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