How To Choose A Microphone Stand

How To Choose A Microphone Stand

Microphone stands are often overlooked as an important part of a studio or performance. We often think about the instruments, electronics, and the microphone but the stand is frequently an afterthought. Having a quality microphone stand can make a huge difference in your performance as you won’t have to worry about your expensive microphone falling down when you’re not paying attention.

When  you first start looking into purchasing a microphone stand, you’ll need to consider exactly what the stand will be used for. The use of the stand will determine the best type of stand for you. There are typically six categories that a microphone stand can fall into. The first category is a tripod. This is the most common type of microphone stand that can be used on stages or in the studio. The stand has three legs at the bottom to keep it upright. The next category is tripod booms. This type of mic stand can be used when a longer reach is required. Round base stands can be a great option if space is a concern that you’re having. The round, small base makes then easier to avoid for singers than a tripod stand. Low-profile mic stands are stands that are close to the ground. This type of stand is ideal for kick drums. Desktop microphone stands are the perfect thing for people that aren’t recording in a studio. These stands can be placed on tables in your home when you’re ready to record. Overhead microphone stands are typically the most expensive and provide the most reach and positions.

When you decide on the type of mic stand that you want, the next step is finding microphone stands in your price range. The price of microphone stands can vary greatly. There are very affordable options and options that are over five hundred dollars. To get the best stand, you don’t just need to spend a bunch of money. When you’re considering purchasing a stand, check out the stand on the internet. This can be a great way to learn about the stand from customer reviews. These are real life experiences that people have had which can provide important information that may not be listed elsewhere.

Another way to get a feel for a mic stand before you make a purchase is by visiting a music store. You’ll get to see the microphone stand in person. This can allow you to determine if it will fit into the space you have, if it’s the proper height for what you need it for, and how easy it is to adjust and move around. While this can give you a good feel for the stand, it’s worth it to also do internet research. This will tell you if the stand falls apart easily after some use, any negatives, and problems that people have experienced.

Choosing the proper microphone stand for your needs is very important. While it can be appealing to just purchase the cheapest stand that you believe will do the job, a good stand can make a huge difference in your recording or performance. Taking the time to do your research before making a purchase can ensure that you’re getting a stand that will do what you need it to do for a long time.