Shot Through the Heart – Showcase at Frank

Well, we’ve done it again. We’ve teamed up with our friends CoolinAustin to bring you a showcase of our favorite local talent, in a flurry of awesomeness. This Friday at Frank, doors will open at 9:30PM and we’ll party all night to Austin’s finest. First up will be the pop-rock sounds of Little Radar, our friends from Free Week who blew us away. Dead Black Hearts live up to the showcase in name, but their songs are sweet enough to only upset you gently. Then the artists formerly known as the Soapbox Spellbinders shake their worldly bodies for a new name, Your Friendly Ghost — it’ll be their debut performance under their new identity, so get ready for fresh licks and ghoulish howls. Finally, Royal Forest wraps it up with their awesome new experimental tape loop performance. If you want to be a part of their recordings, you gotta rock out till the end.

It’s only $6 to enter, and the bands get all yer dough, so come support your favorites and make sure you say hi!

Free Week Wrap Up

Free Week has come and gone, and this year”s was really quite glorious. Between our own showcase, new and exciting talent, and an old favorite back from the dead, I”d call it a riveting success. In case you were unable to participate, or if you did and were overwhelmed by choices, we”ve got picks below of some of our favorites.


Free Week 2012 – Featuring our own Broken Resolutions!

I know, folks. It’s cold outside for Texas, and as pretty as the days have been, the nights have been brutal. You might still be nursing a New Year’s Eve hangover, or perhaps you’re like me and feeling a bit despondent or melancholy about the passing of a year. Looking for something to brighten your spirits, wake you up and make you feel alive again? Look no further than Free Week 2012, Austin’s showcase of fantastic talent for those of us who blew all our money at the end of last year! This week is exploding with awesome showcases, and it may be a bit difficult to navigate them. That is what I’m here for. Below, you’ll see our picks for the best of Free Week — kicking it all of with our own showcase, Broken Resolutions, co-hosted by our buddies at CoolinAustin and featuring our favorite Austin acts. I have to work tomorrow, too; suck it up and we’ll make it worth your while. Plus! We now have free cake balls from SugaPlump Pastries. No excuses!

Read on for more suggestions…


Broken Resolutions – a Free Week presentation

After your New Year’s Eve hangover has passed, Monday will be staring you in the face as you scrape yourself up off of your bed sheets and try to remember what resolution it was you made at midnight (was it to finally find a unicorn? something about starting a(nother) band? flying to the moon?) Mondays can be a drag, but I propose that Monday, January 2 will actually be so mind-blowing, so magnificent, so rad, that it will challenge the awesomeness of your New Year’s party itself. This is because, in conjunction with our friends at CoolinAustin, we are putting on an incredible Free Week showcase at Swan Dive on Monday, and — as is advertised in the name — it’s totally free!

We’re featuring amazing resolution-melting performances by the Soapbox Spellbinders, the White White Lights, Little Radar and Royal Forest. It’ll be the bands’ first performances in the new year, so they’ll be primed for awesome rocking. Plus all of our awesome friends will be there, and you just can’t say no to that. Doors are at 9PM — we’ll see you there.



Baby’s First Showcase – A Night of Rock at Frank

This little blog is proud to announce to its fabulous readers that tonight at Frank, we will be presenting our first showcase of music. I realize for any football fans out there, today signifies the beginning of the NFL season, and I respect that. But I humbly ask that if you head to Frank or anywhere else to get your game on, you come for your nightcap with three incredible local bands and me.

First up, Ethan Kennedy will wrap you in his gorgeous melodies and prodigious guitar solos. I’ve watched Ethan progress over the past 3+ years, and been amazed by the volume of brilliance that seems to pour out of him. My fingers are crossed for a “Bonnie Mae’s Blues and Greens” throwback, but I’ll be pleased with whatever he gives us.

Next up, the Soapbox Spellbinders will melt your mind with the sounds of their rocking. This trio is just starting out, but they grabbed my attention from their rehearsal sessions alone, as they combined classic tunes in an effortless mash-up of awesome. The guys are slowly becoming veterans of the stage, bringing their unique brand of blues rock that teeters on a pop rock fringe to your ears — and don’t be surprised if you find you just have to move your feet to their grooves.

Finally, Leatherbag will close out the night with folk rock, heavy on the rock. These guys have been headlining shows around Austin for a long time now, and they’ve honed their sound over that time to craft catchy tunes that bring to mind the Wallflowers, if the Wallflowers had grown out of their decidedly 90s sound and gone in the direct Jakob Dylan did on his own. I’m thrilled to have this band on our lineup.

I hope to see many of you tonight. Make sure you say hello if you attend!

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